Warhammer 40K 8th Edition pre-orders


Warhammer 40K 8th Edition pre-orders

We are offering pre-orders for 8th edition product in store. Everything is listed 10% below MSRP. You only reserve your product when you pre-pay for your products In Store. Along with that you will receive an additional 5% off, you only get the additional 5% on Indexes if you pre-pay for 3 or more.


ProductPriceRelease Date
Dark Imperium (Starter Set)$1446/17/17
Index: Imperium 1$22.56/17/17
Index: Imperium 2$22.56/17/17
Index: Xenos 1$22.56/17/17
Index: Xenos 2$22.56/17/17
Index: Chaos$22.56/17/17
Tactical Objective Cards$11.256/17/17
Command Dice$186/17/17
Sector Imperialis Objectives$31.56/17/17
Wound Trackers$11.256/17/17
Combat Gauge$96/17/17


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