Shadow War Campaign Season 1


Shadow War Campaign Season 1

AFK will be running a store-wide Shadow War: Armageddon campaign. The campaign will run in seasons, each season may have adjusted rules. This first season will run from Saturday, June 10th until Saturday, August 5th. The campaign will be made up of pickup games and can be played at any time at AFK. AFK will provide record keeping sheets.

The campaign will progress as described in the Shadow War rule book with a few exceptions.

– Kill Teams will start at 1000 points per normal.

– Kill Teams reach the end of their ‘tour’ and will need to ‘retire’ after they gather 15 promethium caches, or have played 20 games.

– Kill Teams may retire at any other time.

– After a Kill Team retires, the player may create a new Kill Team and continue in the campaign. The new Kill Team does not have to be from the same faction or sub-faction.

– If the Kill Team retired because they reached the end of their tour, the player may choose to ‘Stop Loss’ any members of their Kill Team, allowing the fighter to be included in their next Kill Team (If it is of the same faction and sub-faction). If they choose to do so, they must pay additional points, 15 for each advance and 25 for each skill. The fighter’s equipment may be completely changed at this point, there is no obligation to retain any equipment. Note: the fighter is STILL the same fighter for the purposes of Hatred, etc.

– If a player chooses to retire their Kill Team after it has suffered deaths such that, after a game and after Resupply, the Kill Team’s value is less than 800 points, the player may retire their Kill Team early, and may ‘Stop Loss’ one of their fighters as above.

– If a player chooses to retire their Kill Team outside of the circumstances above, they may not Stop Loss any fighters.

– Players may choose if they are going to use the Advanced Rules or not.

– If two players agree to play a game and the total value of their kill teams (including fighters that are out of action) differs by more than 300 points, the player with the higher value kill team must choose equipment and/or fighters to not include in their Kill Team for that game such that the point discrepancy is within 300 points.

AFK will likely produce some sort of trophy or rewards for the end of the campaign, though we will have to see how it plays out and what we feel is necessary to reward.

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