Star Wars: Legion 500 point team tournament

may, 2022

14may12:30 pm6:00 pmStar Wars: Legion 500 point team tournament

Event Details

AFK Games will be hosting a 500 point Star Wars: Legion team tournament on May 14th!

Entry fee: $10/player
Tournament mechanics: Swiss
Tournament tier: Casual
Tournament structure: Basic
Round time: 150 minutes
Rounds: 2Players are responsible to find their own partners for this event. It is possible we will have a ringer for an odd number of players. When your team chooses who activates next, your team picks the player who will draw a token from their own bag. Army List required
500 Points

Players are responsible for bringing all of the game components they need to play a game of STAR WARS: LEGION. This includes their army, order tokens for each unit, command hand, sufficient dice for attack/defense rolls, movement tools, and a range ruler. In addition, each team must bring 12 unique objective, deployment, and condition battle cards, four of each type.

We will follow the standard Game Setup found in the Star Wars: Legion tournament regulations packet.

Prizes will be a raffle, tickets can be earned in the following ways1 ticket – Fully Painted (per player)
1 ticket – Ready 15 minutes before the start (per player)
1 ticket – per game played (per player)
1 ticket – per game win (per player)



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