MTG: Aether Revolt Prerelease

january, 2017

14jan(jan 14)12:01 am15(jan 15)5:00 pmMTG: Aether Revolt Prerelease


Event Details

We will be holding prerelease events at the scheduled times and whenever we have 8 players to start another pod, given adequate product. We will also be continuing our ranking system from Kaladesh for the Aether Revolt weekend!

In prerelease events, each player receives a prerelease pack that contains 6 booster packs and one random promo card. Players will have 40 minutes to construct a deck using the cards they open in their pack and will have a number of 50-minute rounds per attendance. Usually 3-5 rounds.
Players MUST participate in deck construction and their first round.
Prepay prices are available until Wednesday, January 11th at 9 pm. You may prepay for up to 6 events. If you do not show up to an event you prepaid for, a prerelease pack WILL NOT be held for you and the pre-payment will be credited to your store credit account.

January 14th
12:01 am
1 pm
7 pm

January 15th
1 pm – THG
5 pm

Ranking system
Hey everyone!
We are continuing our Magic Prerelease ranking system with the Aether Revolt festivities over the weekend of January 14th and 15th. What we will be doing is keeping track of the number of game wins each player who participates in any Prerelease has and keeping them on a score board. Prizes will be handed out to the individuals who have the most wins of the weekend once the product has been officially released.

The player with the most wins (minimum of 20) will receive an Aether Revolt Bundle! If there is not a player with at least 20 wins the first place player will receive an Aether Revolt Planeswalker deck of their choice.

The players who come in second and third (minimum of 17 wins) will receive the Aether Revolt Planeswalker deck of their choice. If there aren’t players with that 17 wins, we will prize down to $5 in store credit.

The players who come in fourth through seventh (minimum of 15 wins) will receive $5 in AFK store credit. If there aren’t players with 15 wins, they will be prized down to an AFK Die.

We will be posting the scores as the weekend progresses so you can see where you stand! With how amazing Aether Revolt looks, you should try to be to as many Prerelease events as you can. With our pre-pay price of only $18 dollars and door price of $22, it’s the best value for sealed product.


14 (Saturday) 12:01 am - 15 (Sunday) 5:00 pm


AFK Games

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