Age of Sigmar Skirmish tournament

may, 2022

07may12:30 pm7:00 pmAge of Sigmar Skirmish tournament

Event Details

AFK Games will be hosting an Age of Sigmar Skirmish event using modified rules from a previous White Dwarf magazine, this tournament will be on June 18th.

Entry: $10
Doors: 12:00 pm
Start: 12:30 pm
Rounds: 3
Round time: 90 minutes

Players will build a single faction roster of 250 renown, using the renown calculator located in the Skirmish rules packet linked below. Rosters will use their grand Alliance allegiance ability, as listed in the rules packet.

Players will play on 30″x40″ game board, the battleplan will be randomly determined before the beginning of each round.

Auras given by models cannot stack. Only a single instance of an aura can be applied to any one model, weather it’s friend or foe.

Prizes will be raffle style. Players can earn tickets in the following ways:
Play a game – 1 ticket
Win a game – 1 ticket
Fully painted roster – 1 ticket
Ready 15 minutes before event – 1 ticket