2HG Commander tournament

may, 2022

21may6:00 pm9:00 pm2HG Commander tournament

Event Details

We will be hosting a 2HG Commander tournament in memory of Ty Isbell. Buy-in is not required but we recommend a $10 donation to https://www.takethis.org/

We’re following normal Two-Headed Giant rules, with a few exceptions. Each team will start the game with 60 life. If a single commander deals 21 damage to a team, they lose the game. If a team has 20 poison counters, they lose the game. Additionally, two players cannot have the same commander but may share any number of other cards.

Banned list can be found here:

Rounds: 3
Round time: 50 minutes

At end of the round, teams will have 3 total additional turns instead of the normal 5.

The team will get tickets from the following:
1 ticket per game played (per Player)
1 ticket per game win (per player)