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Magic League: Hour of Devastation

Here are the details for the Hour of Devastation sealed league. Entry is $10, with this you get a match-card to keep track of games played and a deck box to hold your cards, and three booster packs (2 Hour […]


Magic Player Rewards

Lots of changes coming from AFK! This one is going to be a bit of a reader. Starting with the Hour of Devastation pre-release, we are going to be having a points system where players can earn points from playing […]


Shadow War Campaign Season 1

AFK will be running a store-wide Shadow War: Armageddon campaign. The campaign will run in seasons, each season may have adjusted rules. This first season will run from Saturday, June 10th until Saturday, August 5th. The campaign will be made […]


March Combat Patrol Rules and Missions

Below are the missions for the month of March for our Combat Patrol league. The following links bring you to the missions on Google Drive. If you would like to download them and print them off, open the link and […]