Current Price
Price Cash
Price Credit
Academy RuinsModern Masters2512.517.5
Ancient TombTempest402028
Arid MesaMM173919.527.3
BatterskullNew Phyrexia19.59.813.7
Blackcleave CliffsScars of Mirrodin44.522.331.2
Bloodstained MireKhans of Tarkir2110.514.7
Breeding PoolGatecrash10.755.47.6
Celestial ColonnadeWorldwake53.2526.737.3
Chromatic LanternGuilds of Ravnica423.2
Collected CompanyDragons of Tarkir16.758.411.8
Copperline GorgeScars of Mirrodin8.254.25.8
Creeping Tar PitWorldwake15.37.710.8
Cryptic CommandIconic Masters221115.4
Cryptic CommandMM15221115.4
Damping SphereDominaria1.50.81.1
Dark ConfidantModern Masters/MM155527.538.5
Field of RuinIxalan3.51.82.5
Flooded StrandKhans of Tarkir16811.2
Fulminator MageMM15199.513.3
Fulminator MageShadowmoore281419.6
Geth, Lord of the VaultScars of Mirrodin9.54.86.7
Goblin GuideAny Non-Foil201014
Godless ShrineGatecrash9.54.86.7
Grand Arbiter Augustin IVModern Masters10.755.47.6
Green Sun's ZenithAny Non-Foil73.54.9
Grim LavamancerAny Non-Foil136.59.1
Inquisition of KozilekAny Non-Foil4.52.33.2
Jadelight RangerRivals of Ixalan12.756.49
Karn, Scion of UrzaDominaria2512.517.5
Kolaghan's CommandDragons of Tarkir18.59.313
Leyline of SanctityAny Non-Foil24.7512.417.4
Life From the LoamModern Masters178.511.9
Marsh FlatsMM173919.527.3
Mirari's WakeAny Non-Foil11.255.77.9
Oracle of Mul DayaZendikar32.7516.423
Overgrown TombGuilds of Ravnica73.55.6
Path to ExileAny Non-Foil7.53.85.3
Pelt CollectorGuilds of Ravnica3.751.92.7
Platinum EmperionScars of Mirrodin15.77.911
Polluted DeltaKhans of Tarkir16.78.411.7
Razorverge ThicketScars of Mirrodin8.254.25.8
Rekindling PhoenixRivals of Ixalan241216.8
Relic of ProgenitusAny Non-Foil422.8
Rhystic StudyProphecy1479.8
Sacred FoundryGatecrash115.57.7
Sacred FoundryGuilds of Ravnica84.85.6
Seachrome CoastScars of Mirrodin13.756.99.7
Serum VisionsAny Non-Foil31.52.1
Spell QuellerEldritch Moon6.93.54.9
Spore FrogProphecy3.251.72.3
Steam VentsGuilds of Ravnica8.254.26.6
Stomping GroundGatecrash12.56.38.8
Stoneforge MysticWorldwake301521
Surgical ExtractionNew Phyrexia / MM152311.516.1
Sword of Body and MindScars of Mirrodin12.56.38.8
Sword of Fire and IceModern Masters5326.537.1
Sword of Light and ShadowModern Masters281419.6
Sword of War and PeaceNew Phyrexia199.513.3
Sylvan LibraryEternal Masters2311.516.1
Temple GardenGuilds of Ravnica634.8
Tooth and NailModern Masters16811.2
Vampiric TutorAny Non-Foil4723.532.9
Verdant CatacombsMM1748.524.334
Walking BallistaAether Revolt178.511.9
WastelandEternal Masters3316.523.1
Watery GraveGatecrash115.57.7
Watery GraveGuilds of Ravnica8.54.36
Wurmcoil EngineScars of Mirrodin2110.514.7
Zacama, Primal CalamityRivals of Ixalan1057

Updated: 8/1218 – Prices Updated
  • In the case of price spikes or drops, we will adjust the prices necessary during trade in.
  • Trade in values will be adjusted based on the condition of the cards being trading in.
  • We also accept trade ins for cards not listed on the buylist, they will however be at our normal rates of 40% for cash and 60% for credit.
  • We also buy bulk commons and uncommons, rates will depend on sets. You can contact us Here if you have any questions.