AFK Crusade 2.0!


AFK Crusade 2.0!

AFK Games will be hosting a 40k Crusade League starting November 1st, 2021. The league will start with a 4 game crusade tournament on November 1st! For more information please view the link below:

There will be some key changes from the standard Crusade format, including a change from Power to Points. Read this completely and carefully. The Player’s Order of Battle will start with 1000 points of units. ‘Increase Supply Limit’ will add 100 points to your Order of Battle.

First and foremost, the League is intended to be fun. We ask people to curb their competitive spirit and avoid gamesmanship. You will also be responsible for managing your own documents honestly and completely. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

Players may, if they wish, run two parallel Orders of Battle. These would be completely separate in all regards as if the player is actually 2 players.

The League will run in one-week rounds, Sunday through Saturday. Games must be played at AFK. Players may receive benefits from up to 2 games per accumulated week of the League. Meaning, at week 2 you may have played 4 games, at week 5 you may have played up to 10 games. If a player misses weeks or games, they may be caught up later at any time as long as they don’t exceed the number of allowed games up to that point. If you play more than 2 games in a week (to help others get their games in, for example) then you will record the game but won’t gain any XP, RP, battle scars, etc for the game. These will be pick-up games, so find an opponent and play a game that works for the two of you. The mission, game size, etc is up to you. We do encourage everyone to try to play a variety of opponents throughout the League.

Optionally, players may agree on not only a point limit, but a Crusade Point size of their games if one player wants to bring less experienced units or is simply behind in Crusade Value in their Order of Battle. This is not necessary but please understand if a player wants to go this route.

You may use any method you like to record your Crusade progress, there are plenty of tools available, and paper is always an option. The only thing we ask is that you make sure that your Order of Battle is as available as possible to the other players. Per the standard Crusade rules, players will start with 5 RP. Each week after the first, players will receive one free ‘Increase Supply Limit’ to grow their Order of Battle with.

If during the League, units in your Order of Battle get updated Codex or rules, you may remove such units from your Order of Battle, refund, and re-allocate any RP and PL spent on them.

We will not be including the Battle Ready Paint bonuses, and no painting is required. However, fully painted units will receive a once per League 1 XP bonus. If the unit’s composition changes in the course of the League, it cannot gain any additional bonus XP. If you claim this free XP for a unit, the unit should not be fielded unless it is fully painted. Units may be played in the Crusade in any state and if they become painted during the Crusade, they gain their 1 XP at that time.

If your game is going to end before its natural conclusion, like in the case of a concession, the player who conceded’s units are considered destroyed. That said, both players may agree otherwise if they feel they have good reason to. Players may have units ‘disengage and retreat’ off of the board edge to prevent them from being destroyed on the turn they choose to concede.

If your unit’s codex is old enough that you don’t have a Crusade section, you may choose your Battle Honors from the BRB. Otherwise, Battle Honors and other advancements MUST be rolled for. Roll two dice and choose the result you would like.

I strongly encourage you to work out your end-of-game changes regarding RP, XP, scars, honors, etc with either your opponent or a member of AFK staff. This should help prevent potential mistakes.