Core Set 2021 Pre-Release


Core Set 2021 Pre-Release

AFK Games will be accepting pre-orders for Core Set 2021. With current situations we cannot host in store events just yet. So we will be giving our pre-release kits to players to take home and do their own pre-release at home, just like we did for Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths.

Players will be able to pick up Pre-Release kits and Pre-release Early Sale Promotion Booster Box(es) between June 26th and July 2nd.

Players who purchase 6 or more Pre-Release packs will also be eligible for Buy-a-Box promo for Core Set 2021.
Each pre-release kit will come with 2 additional prize packs.

Core Set 2021 Pre-Release — $22 (Prepay)
Core Set 2021 Pre-Release — $25
Core Set 2021 Booster Box — $120
Core Set 2021 Collector Booster Box — $240
Core Set 2021 Collector Pack — $22
Core Set 2021 Bundle — $40

Prepay price will only be available until June 24th at 6pm.

Buy-a-Box promo for those who purchase a booster box or 6 pre-release kits. While supplies last.

Collector Booster Pack contents include the following