Throne of Eldraine Pre Release


Throne of Eldraine Pre Release

We are hosting pre-release events all weekend long for Throne of Eldraine for Magic the Gathering.

In pre-release events, each player receives a pre-release pack that contains 6 booster packs and one random promo card. Players will be given 40 minutes to construct a deck out of their pool of cards from their own 6 booster packs.

Following deck construction, there will be 3-4 rounds depending on attendance. Prizes are based on attendance with a set number of packs into the prize pool per player determined by Wizards of the Coast.

-Prepay prices are available until Sunday, September 22nd, at 5:00 PM. You may pre-pay for up to 6 events per player.

-Players who prepaid for an event and fail to show up at the scheduled start time will have their spot relinquished, and store credit refunded to their account.

-This system is to make sure we have spots available to those who are ready to play in the case of limited product availability.